Curtis D. Jasper is a Spiritual Psychologist, transpersonal counselor, executive and creative coach, author, inspirational speaker, ordained minister and human consciousness researcher. He is the Executive Director of The I AM Project and The I AM International, Inc. Georgia non-profit organization which focuses on self-empowerment and emotional intelligence through mentoring, coaching and teaching classes. He is the author of I AM the SOULution- 8 Transformational Approaches to Turning Obstacles into Opportunities, The 40 Day Journey- A Journal to Self-Actualization, Transformation & Release and I AM my Self-Talk, his latest published book. Dr. Curt coaches, counsels and consults with individuals both nationally and internationally. He speaks on topics related to #SelfLove, personal development, emotional intelligence, depression, shame, guilt, health and wellness. Dr. Curt shares his thoughts and insights to his daily life on all social mediums. He is a loving husband, father and grandfather who lives, plays, works and sleeps in Atlanta, Georgia. Keep up with Dr. Curt at 
Instagram @ IAMDr.Curt
Facebook- Dr.Curtis D. Jasper
Twitter- @IAMDr.Curt


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